May 22, 2018

Cancer Expense Insurance Plan Highlights

Supplement your health insurance by receiving daily benefits from the 1st day cancer is diagnosed.

Benefits Payable from the First Day of Diagnosis

To help with your initial expenses, beginning the first day cancer is positively diagnosed, you receive a 'first occurrence' benefit immediately. (Note: this is only paid once in a lifetime not for each cancer.)

You also receive a daily benefit payable for each day you are in a hospital, intensive care unit, hospice, or receiving outpatient treatment.

Two Plans to Choose From

Select the Standard Plan or High Option Plan.  When choosing the High Option Plan, you pay a higher premium but receive a greater 'first occurrence' benefit and higher benefits per day.

Economical Group Rates

Pay the same rate regardless of your age or that of your dependents.

No Age Limitations

You and your dependants are eligible regardless of your age (CA—not available if 65 or older).

Use any Doctor and Hospital

Receive benefits regardless of what physician you see or what hospital you use.

Benefits Paid Directly to You

Benefits are payable directly to you or to anyone you choose. 

Receive Benefits Regardless of Other Insurance

No coordination of benefits between this plan and any other health coverage you may have.

Use Your Benefits
as You Choose

Use your benefits any way you wish—pay medical bills, the mortgage, buy food, the choice is yours.